Private Lessons

I teach a variety of styles and all ages — I have taught classical guitar to 10 year olds, shred metal to adults, and everything in between. The fundamental principles of guitar playing, and of music theory are all the same no matter what you want to play!

While I do not teach a classical style exclusively, I do try to work in as much of the “why”, the music theory, into my lessons as possible. I feel that understanding the construction of a song and why the song writer chose the chords they did is a much more rewarding experience than just hammering out chords blindly.

Depending on where you want to go with your playing, we can start by focusing on playing by ear, sheet music, tab, or lead sheets. If you want to try a bit of everything to make up your mind then that’s fine as well!

I believe that the important concepts of music theory and technique need to be taught around and along side fun and engaging pieces and exercises. I have written my own blues and rock tunes to illustrate certain points, and once at the behest of students, made an arrangement of a Super Mario Brothers tune.

For more advanced students we can discuss the individual areas and techniques which need improvement. Commonly, advanced students may just need to get out of a rut in their playing, or have reached a plateau in improvement. We can sit down together and find that musical fresh breath of air you need to get inspired again!
Lessons are billed monthly: $100 for half hour lessons and $150 for hour lessons. Per lesson rates are available upon request.

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