• I’ve never touched a guitar before! What should I expect from my first lesson?

Every student’s lesson is different, but there are some general things which must be talked about in a first lesson. We will talk about any previous musical experience you may have, as well as your goals as a guitarist. This will help me to better understand where you are coming from as a student. We will cover the common methods of reading music for guitar and make sure you are comfortable holding and playing the guitar. If you do not own a guitar yet, we will discuss what to look for when shopping for an instrument.

Depending on your level of musical knowledge beforehand, we may discuss some beginning music theory — the meanings of keys, scales and chords — at the end of the lesson, I will give you some material to work on for next week.

  • You say that you’re a classical guitarist, but I don’t want to learn classical music. Do you teach other styles?

I teach a variety of styles. I currently have students working through curriculum in jazz, rock and blues. Some students want to focus on learning songs, other students may want to learn the basics of songwriting and a singer-songwriter style of guitar.

  • When is payment due?

Payment for lessons is due at the first lesson of the month. I send out monthly, itemized invoices which can be paid via check, cash, or credit card.

  • I can’t make it to my scheduled lesson time. Can I reschedule my lesson?

Because lessons can not be refunded, I offer several times for students to make up a missed lesson.

  • What should I bring with me to my lesson?

Along with your instrument, you should bring any material you’ve been working on (whether or not I assigned it to you). A notepad is a good idea for jotting down some of the harder to remember things we might discuss on the theory side of your lesson. Parents waiting during a child’s lesson might want to bring a book, if they prefer not be be involved in the lesson.

  • Where are your lessons taught?

I give lessons from my home studio, in a clean, quiet and dedicated space for teaching.

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