End of year recordings, Rujuta

Twice a year, I hold a recital for my students. Inevitably, some students are unable to make the recital date, but I hate for their hard work to go to waste.

This year, I wanted to try recording those students who didn’t get a chance to showcase their progress at the recital. In addition, they get the (harrowing!) experience of studio recording.

The guinea pig for the project was Rujuta, who’s always cheerful and willing to go along with a new idea. She put a ton of work into this Theme and Variations by Kuffner, but couldn’t make the recital because of a conflict with a Piano event (she loves music!)

She was cool as a cucumber during the recording process! I think recording is even more stressful than a live performance. Knowing that any mistakes you make are preserved for all eternity makes us try and play perfectly, which in turn makes our performance dry and lifeless.

Good job, Rujuta!

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